Friday, February 20, 2015

How Genealogy Changed Me

I never spent much time thinking about prostitution until I got into genealogy. Now, every research path seems to lead me to practitioners of that oldest and most revered profession. If your family research doesn't introduce you to at least a few prostitutes, you're doing it wrong. (Also, I am also very sarcastic. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt.)

Today I got an invitation to an historical lecture entitled "Tart's Delight: 19th Century La Crosse as seen through the eyes of Madam Frankie La Salle." And I'm like "Ooh, that's actually very interesting. Because 19th century La Crosse prostitutes may very well be the key to EVERYTHING in Dutcher family history."

Now I'm totally psyched about seeing La Crosse through the eyes of Madam La Salle! Visit Monroe County Local History Room News for more information on this event. This is gonna be awesome, you guys.

(Oh, and the state historical society? The only form of payment accepted for copies is $1 bills.)